Klonopin is part of benzodiazepine family of drugs which is prescribed for managing seizures and treating anxiety attacks. It can also be used to treat other conditions apart from those two like Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. The generic name of this drug is Clonazepam.

This drug can be bought freely, though it is recommended to consult with your doctor before that. It’s better that your doctor prescribes you a correct dose after assessing your problem. The usual dose of this medication is 1.5 milligrams three times per day, every eight hours. This dosage can be increased after three days by 0.5mg to 1mg. The maximum allowed dose is 20 mg.


Klonopin should not be given to pregnant women as some studies have shown it to be dangerous to the fetus. Women that are currently breast feeding should also avoid this medication as well as people who operate machinery. It is also not recommended to drive while taking it. Taking alcohol, barbiturates, narcotics or tobacco is highly unrecommended as combining Klonopin with these can make side effects worse. There are some medications that should not be taken together with Klonopin so consult your doctor to know which are these. Also consult with your doctor about any allergic reactions that can be caused by this drug. This medication should be kept in a cool and darkened area away from children’s reach.


Like many other drugs of this type, Klonopin has several side effects. Some of them can be very dangerous, so seek immediate medical help if you start experiencing them. Some more common side effects you may experience while taking this drug are weakness, fatigue, dizziness and headache. These side effect should be only temporary. If you continue to experience them for a long time after you initially started using Klonopin, seek the advise of your doctor on further course of treatment and if you should continue to use Klonopin.

This medication is not recommended for prolonged usage as the patient can become dependable on it. The usual time that is recommended is about three months. If you have been using Klonopin for a longer period don’t try to discontinue its use at once. Instead, your doctor can instruct you how to slowly stop taking the drug.


It is highly recommended to closely follow the instructions of your doctor while taking Klonopin. This is especially true for the dosage prescribed. If the dosage is inadequate it can easily be increased or decreased later per doctors instructions. If you forgot to take a dose or were prevented for some other reason take that dose as soon as you can and than continue taking it at regular interval. Do not take double doses as too much Klonopin in your blood can cause some side effects to occur more often. Also, don’t attempt to discontinue taking it at once. If you believe that you no longer need to use this drug, consult with your doctor to gradually decrease the dosage before you stop taking it completely.