Klonopin is a part of benzodiazepine family of drugs used for treating various bipolar disorders. Benzodiazepines aim to slow down central nervous system. The usual dosage of this drug prescribed by doctors is 1.5 milligrams per dose three times a day for every eight hours. The dosage can be increased after the first three days by half milligram to one milligram up to a maximum of 20 milligrams. The dosage should not be increased without the consent of a doctor.


Klonopin’s more common name is Clonazepam. This particular drug is widely prescribed by psychiatrist to treat various panic and  convulsive disorders. Although it can be bought it is not recommended to start taking Klonopin without consulting with your doctor as its usage often needs to be closely monitored. This is mostly because this drug can cause a number of different side effects that can potentially be very dangerous.


The dosage you need is prescribed by your doctor. Do not change it on your own. If you believe that the dosage is infective or that the drug itself is harmful to you, consult with the doctor for a new dosage or a complete discontinuation of this drug. Also, if you forgot or for some other reason couldn’t take the dose you should take it as soon as you can. Just don’t try to stop using Klonopin at once. This needs to be done by gradually decreasing your dosage under your doctor supervision.


It is not recommended for pregnant women to take Klonopin since it can be dangerous to the fetus. Also, since it can mix with the milk it is not advised to take this drug while breast feeding. People who operate machinery are not advised to take Klonopin. Also, don’t drive a motor vehicle while taking Klonopin since it can cause dizziness.


The recommended time for using Klonopin is usually three months. Discontinuation of Klonopin after a longer period of taking can cause muscle cramps, tremors, vomiting and seizures. Also, do not use this drug in combination with barbiturates, alcohol, tobacco since they can make side effects even worse and consult with your doctor if you are already taking other medications. And, if you are experiencing breathing problems, suffer form depression or have liver or kidney problems consult your physician before you start taking Klonopin.


Klonopin has several side effects that have to be taken seriously. Some more common side effects include fatigue, nausea, dizziness and drowsiness. More dangerous side effects are difficult swallowing, tremors, difficult breathing, fever, severe skin rash seizures and irregular heartbeat. Also, if you start to experience side effects such as hallucinations, shallow breathing, agitation you should seek immediate medical help.


Klonopin or Clonazepam is usually prescribed for treating various bipolar disorders like anxiety and panic attacks. It can also be used to treat convulsions and certain seizures like akinetic seizures, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. This drug can be prescribed alone or in combination with other drugs. Consult with your doctors about these drugs as well as any potential allergic reaction before you start taking it.