Klonopin belongs to the group of benzodiazepine drugs used to treat anxiety attacks and different bipolar disorders. Also, it can be use to treat epilepsy, hyperplexia, bruxism, parasomnia, anti psychotics and other disorders. The common name for Klonopin is Clonazepam.


It is a drug whose taking should be closely medically monitored. The main reason for this is because Klonopin include a number of side effects. Some of these side effects can be more dangerous than the others and different people will feel different side effects. These side effects can vary from rare to common, occasional, long term to withdrawal side effects. This is a big reason why Klonopin should not be taking without a written prescription by a psychiatrist.


Some more common side effects that can manifest during the use of Klonopin are nervousness, irritation and trouble in speaking. Less commonly, side effects that can occur while taking this drug are cramps and increased heartbeat. A clear sign that the drug has started to react is confusion. This can be confusion of time, confusion of place and inability to recognize people.


A person taking Klonopin may experience weakness, staggering, convulsion, trembling and hallucinations. Someone taking this drug could also suffer from nausea, sensitivity of eyes or depression. Another side effect that can manifest it self is heightened sensation of pain.


Some other more hostile side effects when taking Klonopin can be memory weakening and loss, high fever, mouth ulcer, sore throat shortly after intaking of this drug, pale skin, yellow eyes, irregular sleep or trouble controlling body movement.


Less often Klonopin causes side effects like dizziness, demotivation, aggression, losing short term memory, hallucinations and some others. Most often side effects associated with the usage of this drug are euphoria and drowsiness. Sometimes taking Klonopin can cause some psychiatric side-effects like confusion or personality changes. More rarely side effects of using this medication include rage, liver damage, high excitement, even worse seizures. One of the more unfortunate side effects of using Klonopin for a longer time period is sex dysfunction. A person who is trying to stop using Klonopin can often experience panic attacks, anxiety or trouble to sleep.

If misused or abused Klonopin can cause different side effects. For worse cases of disorders it is highly recommended that the usage of this drug is closely monitored in a medical environment so that the doctors could react as quickly as possible if a more dangerous side effect appears and also, to better monitor the effectiveness of the dosage prescribed.


This drug should only be bought with a written prescription from your psychiatrist and sold under medical supervision. The dosage prescribed by a doctor should not be changed under the patients own volition but only after closely determining its current effectiveness.


If, while taking Klonopin you experience some of the side effects mentioned in this text, it is advisable to immediately consult with your doctor to determine the further course of your treatment and whether you should decrease the dosage or completely stop using Klonopin.