This article will try to give you some information about Klonopin, although it is not intended as a full summary of this drug. It aims primarily to give you advice when you start taking this medication. It is not an expert text but one written in layman’s words for other laymen.


Klonopin aims to relax the body and brain. It is used to stabilize you in case you are having panic attacks. It comes mostly in a form of tablet. Usually the dosage prescribed is three tablets per day,most often every eight hours. It takes longer for Klonopin to start having effect than some other drugs, but once it starts to work it is very effective in treating panic attacks. Also, it can be less addictive than some other drugs of this type, like Xanax, which can be quite difficult to stop using.


This drug belongs to a group of medications known as benzodiazepines and is used to treat chemical disorder in brain that can cause seizures or panic attacks. It can also be used in treating twitching, Parkinson’s disease or schizophrenia and even pain management.


You should consult with your doctor before starting to use this drug. Your physician needs to  particularly needs to be sure that you are not allergic to anything that Klonopin contains or to any drugs you have taken prior to Klonopin like Xanax, Valium or Ativane. Also, this particular medication should not be used in combination with vitamins, herbal remedies and of course alcohol, but the last one goes without saying.


The more common side effects of Klonopin include dry mouth, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, weakness, dizziness and changes in appetite. Klonopin also has several side effects that have to be taken very seriously. These can include seizures, difficult swallowing, tremors, irregular heartbeat, difficult breathing, fever, severe skin rash and others. If you start to experience any of these symptoms seek immediate medical aid and stop taking Klonopin at once. Also it is not recommended to use Klonopin if you are pregnant or breast feeding. Because Klonopin can cause dizziness it is not advised to drive a motor vehicle while taking this medication.


Consider all options and consult with your doctor before you start taking Klonopin. This drug has many positive and negative sides that needs to be carefully considered. Use this medication only if your physician prescribes it to you and in the dosage he thinks is necessary. Later, you can easily consult with your physician to increase the dosage if it is not taking effect fast enough, decrease if it you are getting better or stop using it when you have to switch to another medication because of the side effects no longer need it or need to gradually stop using it because you no longer experience your problem and don’t need Klonopin any more. Of course, this should not be done without consulting with your physician prior to that decision as he is the expert in this area and not you.